Fall 2022 NCAVT Conference

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Registration is now open for the Fall 2022 North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians Conference! We are thrilled to be back at Cape Fear Community College and cannot wait to see you there!

We have a variety of speakers lined up and will have two tracks for this conference. Each conference we have held has a certain focus or theme. The Fall 2022 Conference will be our first in person CE since Fall 2019 and we couldn't think of a better time to have a Self Care and Wellness theme. 

We have so many wonderful exciting things planned and are thrilled to be sharing the day with you in Wilmington!

Stay tuned to social media and our website for lecture announcements, schedules, and more conference information!

Featured Speakers & Lectures

Virginia Corrigan, DVM, MPH, DABVP, CCRP, CHPV

NCAVT Conference 2022 Keynote Speaker

The Double-Edged Sword of Workplace Communication 

Description: Regardless of our educational background, training, or title, we are all role models and communicators. Every day we have the opportunity to demonstrate healthy patterns of behavior and create positive ripple effects in the workplace. Effective communication is a cornerstone of healthy workplaces, and yet it is often an afterthought. Because communication is the process by which people create, transmit, and interpret messages, it is called a double-edged sword i.e. how we communicate represents both a stimulus to psychological distress and a solution for psychological distress in the workplace. This interactive workshop establishes communication as an essential skill to be used intentionally as a source of help, not harm. Topics covered include: the link between effective communication and workplace wellbeing, stages of readiness for behavioral change, and the use of core skills to build trust, and increase rapport to create work cultures that allow individuals and teams to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organization. 

Christopher Campau, BSW

Self Care, Secondary Trauma, and Ways to Recognize Compassion Fatigue

Amy White, DVM, CVA, CVC

Integrative Medicine: The Synergy Between Eastern and Western Medicine

Dr. Preston Smith, DVM

Comfortable Communication in the OR: Dialogue Between Anesthesia and Surgery

Dr. William Brady, DVM

Bee Care

Jeannie Losey, RVT, VTS (Dentistry)

Understanding How to Take Dental Imaging

Amanda Hedman, RVT

Triage... When Being the Worst Gets You Seen First

Julianna White, RVT

Hands Free Radiology

Maureen Betti Susi, RVT

What's Up Doc? When a Lagomorph is on Your Schedule

Michael S. McBride, RVT

Fecal Antigen Testing for Common Fecal Parasites

and more!

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