Executive Board Positions

Below is a description for each position on the Board including the term length.


All applicants, nominees, and nominators must be active NCAVT members currently in good standing with the Board.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member please send an email to info.ncavt@gmail.com 

President     1 Year Term Subsequent to a 1 Year Term as President Elect


  • NCAVT member for a minimum of 2 years

  • Served on the NCAVT Executive Board previously or is currently serving

  • Oversees meetings and creates the agenda

  • Writes President's Letter for each Newsletter

  • Supports each member of the board with their given positions

  • Ensures Association is being run in accordance with the Bylaws

  • Supports regular communication of the board regarding upcoming events


President Elect     1 Year Term Followed by a 1 Year Term as President      


  • NCAVT member for a minimum of 2 years

  • Served on the NCAVT Executive Board previously or is currently serving

  • Shadows the President

  • Helps other Board members with their projects

  • Any other duties required to maintain the NCAVT Board

  • Prepares to move into the President's position the following year

Vice President     2 Year Term                                                                        


  • NCAVT member for a minimum of 2 years

  • Served on the NCAVT Executive Board previously or is currently serving

  • Assists the President with projects

  • Steps into the presidency role if the President is unable to perform their duty

  • Contributes the 'Meet the Member' for the newsletter

Secretary    2 Year Term                                                                                            


  • NCAVT member for a minimum of 2 years

  • Served on the NCAVT Executive Board previously or is currently serving

  • Responsible for taking minutes at all Board meetings, including the conferences, and maintaining them

  • Keeps current record of all NCAVT members

  • E-mails (or mails) each newsletter to all members

  • Makes membership cards and mail to members

  • Answers e-mails that get submitted through www.ncavt.org

  • Posts any new job postings to www.ncavt.org

  • Prints Veterinary Technician Oaths for the 3 public NC VMT programs' graduations and mail to Board member attending

  • Keeps current record of people attending the Spring and Fall NCAVT Conferences, including print CE certificates for both conferences

Treasurer     2 Year Term                                                                                 


  • NCAVT member for a minimum of 2 years

  • Served on the NCAVT Executive Board previously or is currently serving

  • Maintains the NCAVT accounts

  • Proposes a yearly budget

  • Files the non-profit tax-exempt paperwork

Newsletter Coordinator     2 Year Term                                


  • Spends a few hours each month working on a NCAVT newsletter

  • Sends out requests for articles

  • Keeps track of what items need to be submitted for the newsletter (i.e. President's Letter, Treasury Report, Meet the Member, Upcoming Events)

  • Keeps track of the VMT schools and keep their contact info up-to-date

Education Coordinator     2 Year Term                                  


  • Coordinates and Plans the Fall and Spring Conferences including organizing speakers, organizing breakfast and lunch, and organizing vendors and sponsors

  • Submits CE approval to the NCVMB for the Fall and Spring Conferences

NAVTA Representative     2 Year Term   


  • An active member of NAVTA

  • Responsible for being aware of the national trends in the Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant fields

  • Acts as a liaison between NCAVT and NAVTA when needed and submit short articles regarding NCAVT activities and conferences for publication in the NAVTA journal

  • Attends the NAVTA Leadership Conferences and represent the NCAVT

  • Works closely with the Public Relations Officer to help promote National Veterinary Technician Week

Fundraising Coordinator     2 Year Term                              


  • Organizes outreach events in order to raise funds for NCAVT this includes:

    • Deciding on the event with the Association, along with date and time

    • Choosing a location that would appeal to members and the community

    • Be the main contact for the venue site coordinator

    • Fill out the necessary paperwork to host an event

    • Work with Public Relations Officer to advertise event (newspaper, news stations, online, flyers, animal clinics, pet stores and boutiques, regional pet magazines, Vet/Vet Tech schools, etc.

    • Work with Treasurer to cover the cost of the venue and other associated costs (keep NCAVT aware of all costs for approval)

    • Work with NCAVT Board to determine gifts and/or prizes,  plus establishing a cost for the event

    • Work with NCAVT Board to get donation opportunities to cover some costs for the event

  • Helps locate and contact vendors for sponsorship and donations for events and conferences

Public Relations Coordinator   2 Year Term                                               

  • Promotes NCAVT on social networking sites

  • Helps the Education Coordinator in promoting the Fall and Spring Conferences

  • Helps the NAVTA Representative in promoting National Veteinary Technician Week

  • Helps the Fundraising Coordinator in promoting NCAVT Events

NCVMB RVT Representative    Serves for the Duration of their NCVMB Term  


  • Acts as a liaison between the NCAVT and the NC Veterinary Medical Board (NCVMB), keeping the NCAVT Board informed of what is going on with the NCVMB, especially when it pertains to Registered Veterinary Technicians in state of North Carolina

Member at Large (Western, Central, and Eastern Positions)    2 Year Term         


  • Executes the directives of the officers of the Board

  • Assists in the formation of and be advisors for committees within the Association

  • Increases diversity by filling any voids in the Board's leadership with the purpose of adding further experience, expertise, and in-sight in the veterinary field and among the Association's members

  • Promotes the NCAVT at the annual meeting and to the general public

  • Helps maintain good relations with other organizations within the veterinary field

  • Serves as a liaison between members and the Board of Directors to communicate member's issues, needs, and interests