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Thank you for signing up for the 2019 NCAVT Fall Conference! Below you will find the proceedings submitted by our presenters (pdf format).

   "The Role of The Veterinary Technician in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center"


 Halley Buckanoff 

Vintage Bookstore

    "The Oral Exam in Dogs and Cats: What is Normal, What is Not, and How to Chart It"

RVT, VTS (Denistry

Katie Rankin      

Vintage Bookstore

 "Anesthesia Back to the Basics"


Amy Bradbury    

Vintage Bookstore

   “Everybody Hurts...So What Are You Going to Do About It? Understanding Concepts of Pain and How to Manage Them”

“Soft Skills with Seuss that’s DR. Seuss to You and Me.” Remembering 10 life Lessons Through the Books of our Childhood.

BS, RVT, Mph Cert

Amanda Hedmann, BS,RVT,MPh Cert   

Vintage Bookstore

Farm Scene Investigation, "The Gut Suspect"


Stephanie Cook

Vintage Bookstore

Veterinary Professional 's Role in Honey Bee Health


Tyler Brady

Vintage Bookstore
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